"You can have anything you want in life...if you dress for it"

Edith Head 

As a working actor of over 20+ years in Film, TV, and 100+ Commercials as well as many years as a casting professional, I know the importance of selling image and look in very short period of time such as in an audition or in a headshot. Today casting directors select actors using online services looking only at a small, 1 inch photo.


Actors need to have an image that ‘pops’ and is specific to what is in the current media… IE: the detective, lawyer, girl next door, love interest, quirky friend, soccer mom, etc. 


My image consultation is individual and particular to YOU.


I will help you distinguish what YOU could be best at selling as well as give you the tools to continue to present your best image.


The goal is to empower YOU in the process in order to achieve your best casting potential.

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