I would highly recommend Buckley for any shoot or event! She worked with me on two red carpet events for a feature film I starred in. When I approached her about the event, she asked me about the project, my role and what the event was. Within minutes she sent me suggestions and not only were they spot on, but they were totally affordable. She had me dressed from top to bottom within 48 hours and I felt so great and confident. I will, without hesitation, work with her again and again. She's worth every penny and she is a joy to work with!

--Osa Wallander, Actress


I was referred to Buckley before taking my head shots, and I had no idea how ESSENTIAL this was to creating the best head shots of my life. Buckley came over for a consultation and right away knew my "brand." We were then able to get right to work! I had no idea how little tiny nuances - such as hair style, jewelry, clothing textures/patterns, etc. - could completely transform a head shot. We pulled stuff from my closet and even went to my local mall to grab a few things. I did not expect Buckley to be so engaged - doing research before meeting with me and even taking me personal shopping. She takes this very seriously and cares so much! My head shot photographer (Peter Konerko) loved my preparedness and outfit choices so much that he asked me to send him Buckley's information. After all, going into a shoot prepared makes the photographer's job so much easier. After getting my shots taken, I promptly signed with a Manager and theatrical agent! This helped my career immensely. A consultation with Buckley is critical for actors who want the most uniq ue and powerful head shots - THANK YOU BUCKLEY!!! 

--Nancy Cooney, Actress


Working with Buckley was inspiring and a joy.  I walked into my shoot with confidence and a clear vision of the types I was going for, and the shots I got are terrific.  Buckley not only designed the shoot wardrobe, but she also created a shopping plan for me for each type as I fill in some of the slim areas in my wardrobe, which has helped me both expand my vision of each type and be more specific in executing it.  I'm a former 'jeans and t-shirt' girl feeling confident, creative, and fabulous in my new clothing choices.

--Di Koob, Actress


Buckley styled me for my recent shoot with Joanna DeGeneres: I ended up looking fresh and modern.  My audition rate has gone up thanks to my new photos.  She also styled my entire wardrobe: without buying that many new pieces I have a brand new look!  Thank you, Buckley!

--Jules Bruff, Actress


Buckley is essential to my headshot process.  She understands how clothes will pick up on camera and how to dress actors to catch the eyes of casting directors.  I don't know what I would do without her.

--David Graham, Actor

Working with Buckley is one of the best investments I’ve made in my career thus far. As a racially ambiguous, beige actor I’ve struggled to figure out my “type”. As a comedian I’ve also struggled with what to wear on stage. Buckley took time narrowing down what my castable types are, and went through my closet turning my individual pieces (some I hadn't worn in years) into wearable outfits I wouldn’t have even thought to combine! She was very honest throughout the whole process, yet still maintaining a finesse with her critiques (she told me that my current style looks like Michael Jackson). Keeping my budget in mind, we went shopping at a local store where she suggested tons of affordable outfits, in addition to some pieces that would go with things I already owned, that would work for me on stage, for headshots, and for (let's be honest) life in general. Knowing I was in need of new headshots, Buckley recommended an excellent photographer she had worked with, and they’re the best headshots I’ve ever taken! I love the fact that she also makes herself available via text and email after the initial session for any any additional assistance. I definitely recommend working with Buckley, she's a game-changer!
--Christine Little, Actress


Getting headshots is an overwhelming experience. I had no idea what to wear or what look I was trying to capture. After hiring Buckley, I felt prepared and confident to take the best possible headshots. She
really knows how to attack image consulting for every angle. Buckley is very affordable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! 

--Zo Zosak, Actor


Working with Buckley is a dream! She helped me create unique looks that were truly "me" and never tried to mold me into someone else. While working with Buckley, I completely changed my hair to bring out my personality and I couldn't be happier with the result. And the headshot session that followed is by far my favorite to date! Buckley is so supportive and nurturing and really cares about her clients. She is someone I know I can reach out to for advice and I really value her opinions. She has my 100% recommendation. :)  

--Maxie Solters, Actress


Buckley "got" me right away.  She knew what I could bring to the table as an actor and figured out how to dress me to bring that across in fantastic headshots.

--Lauri Hendler, Actress


I was blown away by Buckley’s expertise. She understood not just how colors make a casting director take notice, but textures. She arrived at the clothing store five minutes before me and already had half a dozen perfect looks picked out by the time I arrived. I’ve had more auditions than I could have imagined in the two months since she styled my headshots. She’s brilliant.

--Matt Shevin, Actor


I just want to share/reiterate how much I enjoyed working with Buckley Sampson as an image consultant on my recent headshot shoot.  She has gone above and beyond what I would have expected and has given me so much of her time  - including helping me narrow down my headshots post the shoot.  And even now, a few months later, has been super accessible and helpful in answering more questions I have had.

  That's all! -I just wanted to make sure to give her a big shout out for all she has done to make my life easier!

--Katherine Taub, Actress


Buckley was instrumental in helping to create the great headshots that I have now. She pulled clothes from my closet and created looks that really pop on camera. Combinations that would never have occurred to me! I couldn't have done it without her . She definitely has a stylists' eye and it was so worth it. I am so excited about my new headshots!
--Charlotte Bayne, Actress

Buckley Sampson has become an integral part in helping us help our clients define their own unique brand and present them clearly and concisely to the industry in their photos and in real time.  She offers a clear assessment and direction to the actor that is easy for them to understand and put into play, clearing the way to maximize their efforts and achieve better results from their photos!  

--Mimi Mayer, Owner

Angel City Talent Agency


Buckley Sampson is one of the most talented actresses I know. She has been successful as a commercial actress for over 20 years...she knows how the business end works and how to put together the most versatile looks...Buckley is the "go to person" to find out how to do this industry.. 

--Francene Selkirk, Owner

Shooting From the Hip Casting


I called Buckley to work with me simply on what to wear for my new headshots and what I got was so much more...she guided me as I figured out what looks I wanted and how to best present them.  It was an empowering experience...Shes a woman with a lot on her plate and yet made me feel like I was the most important person on the planet.  I will not do headshots again without seeing her first.

--Michael Medico, Actor


The greatest gift Buckley gave me is specificity. It's not enough to say this is my 'mom' headshot or my 'business' shot. You have to say this is my 'young mom on a Saturday morning' or 'eager executive trying to impress'. Those details play into everything from wardrobe to attitude. Buckley showed me how to photograph for the roles I want - not a collection of 'types'. And her follow-up is priceless. She not only gives you the tools you need - she checks in to make sure they're working for you.

--Kelsey Scott, Actress

Buckley Sampson truly knows the business of show business.  Her no-nonsense approach in helping you develop your actor brand's image is practical, straight-forward and fact-based.  Buckley's insightful input over the last few years has been invaluable to me as fine tune my brand's image and has been greatly responsible for the increase in the number of auditions and bookings.  It is a great investment in your career and a fantastic value for the money!

--Alex Castillo, Actor


I've been a full time commercial actor for five years.  I always dread getting new head shots.  Conveying type, talent, and professionalism via wardrobe choices and hairstyles can be complicated and confusing.  Buckley is an actor (she always looks sharp at auditions) and works in casting, so she had a practical, well rounded approach for helping me find looks that reveal both my personality and my archetypes  for auditions and photos.  She made herself available through the whole process; selecting wardrobe, narrowing down the number of looks, even suggesting the best crop for my final photos.  I passed the new pictures along to my agent just few days ago, and I've had multiple auditions/callbacks every day since, many for casting offices and brands that I've never been seen for.  Buckley made getting new head shots impossibly simple and a lot of fun.

--Bailee DesRocher, Actor


I just wanted to thank you for your amazing insight and help.  My new headshots are up and doing their jobs...yesterday I booked a commercial!  I also had another audition AND a callback.  You've made a huge difference in my life, truly, thank you, thank you!

--Rachael Drummond, Actress


When my Agent strongly recommended Buckley as an Image Consultant before shooting Headshots, I scoffed.  I did not think that it was necessary, but went forward with an open mind.  I am so
thankful that I didn’t let my attitude get in my way.  Buckley was amazing and resourceful beyond my greatest expectation.  The time that she saved me and the game plan that she help me devise led me to have my most satisfying photography shoot.  She is indeed very talented and a great asset to the whole Headshot process.

--Keith Barber, Actor


Immediately after working with Buckley for my new headshots, I started getting significantly more auditions--leading to more bookings!  I can honestly say that those new headshots transformed my career in the best way possible.

--Devin Sidell, Actress


Trying to navigate through this industry can be very difficult, auditions, classes, finding an agent etc. The one thing that is very important is finding your look, the thing you are trying to sell, Buckley helped me understand this and put together looks that truly helped.

--Carlos Ragas, Actor


Buckley Sampson was such a blessing for me! It had been many years since I had my headshots taken and being in a new age range and category, I was clueless as to what to wear and what looks were the "right" ones for me. Since headshots are a  major investment in one's career, I really needed to make the correct choices. Buckley was patient, understanding, really smart and completely confident as to what would work for me. She went through my entire wardrobe to choose the clothes for my photo shoot and whatever pieces she felt were missing, we found them shopping. She even took photos of the various combinations of outfits and characters they represented, to send to my agent for approval. With her amazing taste and expertise I not only had great outfits for my photoshoot from which to choose, but I also had outfits for various auditions in the future.  I was so pleased and happy with my time with Buckley and the results were fantastic! Thank goodness for Buckley.  

--Susan Edwards Martin, Actress

I met Buckley when she worked with my husband to get organized for his Photo Shoot. I was so impressed with the efficiency and ease in which she helped him select outfits that not only were flattering and specific, but captured his essence in each look. I jumped at the opportunity to hire her! … Her ability to suggest colors and outfits that worked best on me for Headshots was spot on. She was also amazingly proficient in picking out colors & styles that my wardrobe lacked when we went shopping together. Buckley’s professionalism and personable demeanor are a joy to work with; She takes the stress out of preparing for the Headshot Session and helps create a fun atmosphere in which you can specifically communicate various aspects of your unique self.

--Virginia Linden, Actress

I love working with Buckley! She helped me prepare for my last two headshot sessions and the results were fantastic. She quickly created looks from my closet I never would've known were possible.  She also gave me pointers on some items I might want to purchase for future auditions.  She knows the marketplace and can zero in on your type immediately. Her rates are actor-friendly and she's very personable.

--Lara Ingraham, Actress


The pros use stylists so figured I’d give it a try. Let me tell you, Buckley is a stress-reliever when it comes to headshots.  From digging through my closet to actually shopping with me, we honed in on the correct wardrobe for each of my looks…all while staying on-brand of course.  When my shoot day came, I entered the session with confidence because all the prep had already been done.  Buckley is an amazing image consultant and there is no looking back for me.

--Gregg Martin, Actor



Buckley and Image by Buckley took me out shopping after years of resisting updating my wardrobe to being a young dad middle-aged man. I have never like shopping., Image by Buckley made it a breeze. In less than three hours including lunch we got 30+ outfits for less than $900 and I look amazing in all of them.  The most valuable part of the entire experience is how confident I am when I go to my closet after I read the breakdown of the audition.

  We all know confidence is everything in our business as we deal with massive amounts of rejection. I now leave auditions not caring one way or another if they call me back, I know I got my job done, and I look good doing it (being the part).
  Today I booked my 143rd commercial over the last 15 years and I would like to thank image by Buckley for being the catalyst for this latest booking I've never felt better going into a call back and I've never been more certain that my luck is exactly what they are looking for. Keep up the great work Buckley and thank you so much.
--Boise Thomas, Actor

Working with Buckley for my head shots took my shoot to a whole new level. I had so much fun with her and felt confident and excited for my shoot, knowing that I now had exactly what I needed to create the looks that were perfect for me. Thank you Buckley!

--Debbie Foster--Actress

No actor should ever take another headshot without consulting Buckley first. I've saved thousands of dollars in re-shoots by getting the exact looks I needed because i met with Buckley first. And, any time I need my own wardrobe for a shoot I know I have clothes that are on-brand. When I was on ABC's Nashville they even had me wear a shirt that Buckley picked out.

--Ben Whitehair, Actor



Wow! It was amazing working with Buckley. She really got me out of my comfort zone (wearing all black) and added personality with the use of colors, textures and prints to my wardrobe. I feel confident and less stressed having outfits ready to go when auditions come up. I highly recommend working with Buckley to streamline your looks for the roles you go out for.

--Jane Le, Actress


Happy to share that since updating my wardrobe with you, I've booked three guest starring roles (Grey's Anatomy, Shameless, and Rizzoli & Isles). And I know a big part of it was feeling GREAT auditioning in the new wardrobe you picked for me. Your choices really help me be/inhabit/feel like the character I'm playing (WAY more than my "before" wardrobe). And that's invaluable to an actor. Thank you Buckley. Looking forward to going shopping with you again soon! 

--Sumalee Montano, Actress


I wanted to let you know that so far, I've got 7 agent meetings coming up from the headshots I took!  I truly believe that the way you styled me (combined with Kat's amazing shots) is what got me so much attention and interest!  I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!  


--Debbie Witt, Actress

Buckley was amazing at helping me style my recent headshot session. As a busy mom, it was so wonderful to have Buckley walk in and immediately pick out what was working and what wasn’t. She took each of the looks that I had planned and rearranged them, tweaked them and added details that ‘completed’ the looks. We even talked hair and make-up, which was so helpful. Then she went through my wardrobe and suggested additions that might be great for me. Honestly, they were pieces I wouldn’t have even thought of, to help diversify and move me into a new ‘type’. She has such a keen eye for trends, and a true gift for helping fulfill your image. Plus, she’s a super cool gal! I had no idea what a great difference it would make in my headshot session.

--Joy Jacobson, Actress


Wow! Buckley came into my home like a calm, utterly prepared tornado. She had me and my looks pegged, was able to explain how I needed to create what I was selling in my headshots, then she swept through my closet. Within minutes, she had new head-to-toe outfits created with my clothes that I never would have realized could have been combined so well, she purged the clothes from my 20s that were not serving me, and she left my closet looking like that of a sexy, stylish, mid-30s woman - exactly what I had wanted! And this was all before we went shopping! This experience with Buckley was so much more valuable than I had ever expected. Not only did it help me identify my image, something I had been struggling to sell as an actor, she helped me create specific looks for headshots and plan audition outfits for those individual roles. Buckley is simply lovely - calm, directed, encouraging, and knows exactly what she's talking about. I can't recommend her service and talent highly enough. Thank you so much Buckley!!

--Stephanie Wilson, Actress

Hi Buckley, I wanted to thank you SO much once again for an absolutely awesome image consultation yesterday! I so appreciate you making the trek over, and for generously giving your time and talents to help me. I hope your drive back home wasn’t too terrible! I’m still wrapping my head around all of the light-bulb ideas and suggestions you gave me. I love all of the wardrobe you selected for me and it is totally on brand for my type! And omg a funkier hairstyle is exactly what I need and will be a total game-changer!!! I will be taking pix of all of my looks and sending it to my reps. I’m sure they will love what you did. I will keep you posted on everything as well as what happens with my headshot session. For once in my life, I will be excited to shoot new looks, instead of dreading them!!! Thanks again, I’m beyond happy to have worked with you and look forward to doing it again. You’re so great! Xoxo

--Stephanie Fodor, Actress



True serendipity!  I found Buckley through Audrey Moore’s “Audrey Helps Actors” podcast.  The very next day after I listened to her episode, we auditioned together for a McDonald’s spot- which she booked!  I figured, this woman knows what she’s doing so I hired her to do my upcoming headshot styling.  She was so detailed going over my current materials, past headshots, what worked, what didn’t worked, what we could tweak, what character types I needed to make more specific.  She also suggested a great photographer, Vanie Poyey, who would pull the best out of me, really making each type laser-focused and different from the next.  She spent time going through my closet, pulling out great audition outfits and telling me what I needed to get rid of.  She really helped me understand that I was still dressing like I was in my twenties and needed to own coming into my thirties, embracing a more sophisticated look to help me strengthen my booking power.  She took me shopping and picked out designer pieces that I never would have seen without her trained eyes.  And because she knows right where to go, I saved a fortune and got tons of great pieces not only for my headshots but for auditions as well. I was truly on a high for at least a week after our meeting.  She really opened my eyes and gave me hope that I can still be the booking force I want to be. I could not be happier with my time spent with Buckley.  I can’t wait to book a million jobs with these awesome new headshots!!  It’s the best investment I’ve made in my career, worth every penny. She saved my life!!

--Dana Weddle, Actress